New Year, New Name… MOB Sauce

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to start off by saying Happy New Year and a huge thank you for your continued support of our brand. 

With that, we have big news. We have rebranded!! Our new name is MOB Sauce. (Mouthwatering. Original. Bold.) Join the MOB! This was a difficult decision, as we have been selling Thrive Sauce for over 10 years. However, we decided it was necessary for many reasons, namely our inability to obtain a trademark with the name Thrive Sauce Co.

As MOB Sauce, our mission is to embrace flavors of the world to create mouthwatering plant-based sauces free from most primary allergens.

As many of you know, our sauces are chef-curated with restaurant-quality taste and flavor. Each of our sauces was developed over a decade of inspired restaurant dishes and customer praise. Believe it or not, we started making sauce in our Portland, OR based food truck back in 2012. Our chef and creator Erika Reagor, dedicated a decade to international travel, exploring flavors of the world. Over 20 countries later, her sauces went from food trucks and restaurants, to grocery store shelves with the hopes of landing in YOUR kitchen. Our vision was simple. Bring restaurant flavors with ease into the comfort of your home kitchen.

Our vision however, did not stop there. Nope. We have taken our sauce game to the next level with our ingredients. Specifically the ingredients that are not found in our sauces. We decided that everyone should have access to delicious sauces regardless of allergies or dietary preferences. We are proud to offer a line of sauces that are certified gluten- free, plant-based/vegan, nut-free, keto friendly, rancid seed oil free and most are soy-free (Sesame Satay and Sweet-Chili Lemongrass contain soy). 


What makes MOB sauce Mouthwatering. Original. And Bold.?


Our sauces are certified nut free. There is no concern that the use of highly refined peanut oil could ever cause an allergic reaction to someone with a peanut allergy. It is stripped of the allergen containing protein found in peanuts during the refining process. Click this link to discover the facts. 

Small Batch

We care about quality. From how we source our ingredients to our process of hand filling each bottle of sauce in our small batch process. We taste each batch of sauce for quality control before they make it to your table.


You can rest assured that gluten or any trace thereof, will not be found in our sauces with our Celiac Foundation Gluten-Free Certification.

No Rancid Seed Oils

We are proud to announce that all of our sauces are free from these rancid seed oils. None of our sauces contain canola, corn, safflower, sunflower or soy oil.  Our sauces contain olive oil, sesame oil and non-gmo refined peanut oil. The avoidance of these free-radical producing oils, means a fresher tasting more flavorful and healthy sauce for you and your family.

Keto Friendly: We offer 3 completely sugar free sauces

Our Asian-Style sauces are considered low in sugar: Below is the sugar content in grams per 2 TBSP.

  • Coconut Yellow Curry- 2 gms
  • Sesame Satay- 5 gms
  • Sweet-Chili Lemongrass- 4 gms

Our Awards!

This year our sauces have won 5 awards at the highly acclaimed International Flavor Awards and the Scovie Awards!

Our award winning sauces include:

  • Peruvian Verde- 1st place: Best Verde
  • Chilean chimichurri- 2nd place: Best Meat Sauce & 3rd place: Best Dip/Pesto Sauce
  • Coconut Curry- 2nd place: Best Ethnic Sauce
  • Spanish Romesco- 2nd place: Best Dip/Spread


We have been hard at play in the kitchen this past year creating lots of recipes for you to enjoy. These can be found on our Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok so be sure to follow us there to see all of the amazingly easy and delicious recipes we have created for you. 

In closing, we assure you that the taste and quality of our sauces is even better than before! We welcome your feedback and please follow us on IG and FB @mobsauceco to stay tuned to updates on swag, deals and more. 

We appreciate you!

The MOB Sauce team

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